This page created with "Recipe 4 HTML" web page curriculum.

History of teaching

A belief that HTML coding is basic to web page design,
as learning phonics is to the beginner reader.

[Note: 2022 ... Next project is HTML 4 careers.
A recipe template for a webpage that looks
like a resume on the topic of a CAREER choice.

[2021] revised, Edition 3

Now, semi-retired, this curriculum, 3-page linking website on the Topic: Our Moon [and created this website with HTML basic coding].

[2006] revised, Edition 2

Spent the summer revising and decided I had teacher-burn-out. I decided to quite teaching and started a small business. School Tech Bytes, Inc. was traveling to tech shows and sold some curriculum, especially to home-schoolers. The next year, I returned to the math classroom.

[2001] created Edition 1

As a math teacher, I accepted a position as a computer technology teacher. Allowed 2 weeks [without students] to create a curriculum with $30,000 Carl Perkins Grant equipment: Airflight simulator, robotics, Apple "bubble" computers, PCs, cameras, camcorders, CADD software, etc.. In this elective class for 8th graders, each "crew" work station evolved as I learned along with them. Since our classroom was the old office, we stowed our equipment each night in a walk-in vault.

[1999] web page class

To renew my educator certificate, I attended a community college computer class and learned basic HTML coding. With my maiden name spelled SCR, I hated typing SRC code error, that took 4 hours to find. I thought I'd never code another web page.

My 2001 Technology Classroom

Students typed HTML code to build web pages and
searched the Internet for hyperlinks.

[1989 invention: (HTML) and (URL)
created by Tim Berners-Lee


Students snapped digital photos on a Sony Mavica
and uploaded their floppy disks onto the PC
as images on their web pages.


Students were limited to a 3-minute
movie project due to memory limitations on the IMac_G3.


To take home their movie project,
students transfered their work via a
digital camcorder to an anology VHS cassette


Growing up with new technology....

My first cellphone...
was called a mobile phone .


My first copy machine was called a mimeograph

[source: Commons].

Janet has 25+ years classroom experience.


Toltec Elementary School Dist.
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Window Rock School Dist.


Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas and Arizona

Janet believes education is a gift you give yourself.

M.A. Univ. of Arizona (Tucson)
B.S. Slippery Rock Univ. (PA)

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